Anonymous whispered: This is so random but why do you think That Junhyung never shows his upper body at all? All the members have except him.

Well he has his own personal reasons. Probably because he’s not as confident on his body as the other members.

- Admin Donna

All right, I guess it’s time I sign off!

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kpop-redrose replied to your post: “kpop-redrose replied to your post: “kpop-redrose replied to your post:…”:
Aw I see. Well I like to keep mine because I write a tin and always different stuff. Well I am off to work. Have a good day.

You, too! Have a great day at work!

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Nope I don’t keep any of my writing on Google docs everything is on my computer. I have posted a few things on a fanfic website.

Ahhh… well, that’s OK. I normally write my fics in a doc and then post them on Tumblr and delete the doc. Haha! So if my drabbles blog disappears one day, all my stories are gone forever.

I’m not really that upset about it if it ever happens, though, haha.

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Of course all of you are amazing. And dongwoon give kikwang Oppa some of your confidence. He is very good looking both cute and handsome.

I think hyung knows he’s handsome. He just wants to hear it. Kekeke.

- Dongwoon.

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Haha I drabble in it. The chapters are kind of long. Maybe when I get home I could send it to you. If you pm your email I can send it to u. That is the beat way to do it because it is so long.

Ah, you don’t have it on a Google Docs or on your blog? :O

Then message me on my kpop blog here and I’ll reply with my email. :)

kpop-redrose replied to your post: “kpop-redrose replied to your post: “well congratulations on the…”:
Haha thanks. I am hoping that it is not to busy tonight. I kind of got a lot of good ideas for a beast fanfic that I am writing. It is centered around doojoon and kikwang mostly

Oh you write fanfics?! :O I want to readdddddddd~

Doojoon: Of course. They’re nothing without me. Just kidding, just kidding~!
Dongwoon: The day I lose confidence is the day I stop being handsome, which is never.

- DooWoon Couple

kpop-redrose replied to your post: “well congratulations on the promotion at work I bet that made you happy. Don’t worry I totally understand. Right now my life is taken up with school and work. I hope you have a good day at work.”:
Good. Now it is my time to work haha I have to be at work in about thirty minutes. At least I like everyone I work with.

Ah! FIGHTING~! Have a good day at work! The best thing about a job is if you work with great people, it makes the job more fun/easier. ^^

kpop-redrose whispered: Okay so this is more of an appreciation letter to all of them. Dear BEAST thank you so much for making such beautiful music. Junhyung thank you for giving BEAST so many good and meaningful songs. Yoseob no one can say you aren't cute because you are but you are also very manly. Thank you for sharing your beautiful voice with the world. Hynseung and Kikwang you are both very good dancers with your on personalities. In short BEAST don't every change and thank you for being BEAST! Saranghae

Doojoon: Yahhhhhh~! What about me?!
Hyunseung: I still think Gikwang is a better dancer than me!
Gikwang: Yah! No way, Hyunseungie, you’re better!
Junhyung: Ah, kamsahamnida, b2ute!
Yoseob: Thank you for loving me!
Dongwoon: T^T What about me huh?!

- B2ST.