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Okay everyone it is time for ACE Admin to leave for the day. I still have a few things to do around the house. Thank you to those of you who played for me today. Since it has been a little quiet today I will give you all until tomorrow to answer the waiting questions and the segment for today. I will reply to you all tomorrow. Now for the submission status

  • Doojoon </3
  • Hyunseung <3
  • Junhyung </3
  • Yoseob <3
  • Kikwang <3
  • Dongwoon </3

Oh no Doojoon, Junhyung and Dongwoon need more submissions. Hurry and send them in so you can play. send them HERE or HERE

Waiting Questions

At first: I have two bias Dongwoon and Doojoon and I don’t think I would hit both xP but I can’t coose one >.<…However it could be like this—> After the incident… I would stumble:”Ooh, I’m s-ssorry…”….My bias is shocked too, but after a second he begins to laugh and say :”Aniyo…No Problem”, with Korean dialect. After that (maybe if its Dongwoon) he takes  of his shirt and I’m so happy, that I instantly fall to the floor……Suddenly the song “The Fact” begins “Geojitmal iya geojitmal iya…." I open my eyes and It was all a dream….O.O  Well it was the fact that this was a dream xD

Sorry for the boring end but I had to finish it fast=)

Ace Admin reply. Omg that is just so cute and funny. Ya! Dongwoon took off his shirt so you could see his wonderful abs!  and then him talking to you in his honey voice with one of his killer smiles on his face like it is kind of cute and funny what you did! I love how you made it a dream. Wouldn’t it be funny it is was actually a dream!

Omg a Dongwoon x Kikwang sub-unit would be heavenly!! I would imagine them doing a melodic track that really brings out their voices that has some dancing in it. They would sing some great ballads too!! Dongwoon's voice is really amazing and he can rap too, and it matches well with Kikwang's!

I think that would be a cute group. The two youngest members together. Wow I didn’t know Dongwoon could rap! I am personally very glad they did the sub units as it gives all of the members to shine better and show off their voices more than when they are all together. Not that it doesn’t sound good when their all together. Aw yes  ballads, I am a sucker for a good ballad.

Let’s Lyric?

Meol keot kaci areumdab-ji Wo-0 1)___ ___ I love you 2) _ ___ ___ wo-o 3) you know that I’ll always be 4)____ ___