Anonymous whispered: It doesn't help that all of the bands having comebacks, contain multiple bias (biases? biasi?) of mine! Too much fangirling... Too many feels...

Haha I know! Just having ONE bias is bad… but when you have multiple…

I will pray for you, fellow fangirl.

Anonymous whispered: Gooood... My feels couldn't handle everyone coming back at once. BEAST coming later makes it easier.

Haha I know right!! My fragile fangirl heart cannot deal!

D: too many feels at once

Anonymous whispered: Me too! Do you know when it's going to be? I can't seem to find anything... I know that EXO's was delayed though, because of the ferry accident. BEAST's may end up delayed too...

B2st is set to comeback next month I think. I just know it’ll be in the summer. Don’t think it’ll be delayed, though! Block B’s and EXO’s were delayed, that I know.

Anonymous whispered: I support all of Seobie's hair styles. Even the bad ones. Gotta love my future husband, regardless of what he does.

Hahaha awwwe. His hair does look super dapper this era! Can’t wait for their comeback :D

Anonymous whispered: Obviously for science. Those were beautiful. Yoseob's hair looks so cute! ~<3

hahaha Yoseobie’s hair is always on point!

Except for that one time when he had the apple hairstyle…

I think we all know the one… (bad girl era)

Anonymous whispered: I haven't seen these promotions... Can you link me? I need this, for life.

For… science, right? haha

Sorry, I’m on mobile so I can only show you the link. :(

ugh you guys

I don’t know what’s going on with Tumblr but it won’t post anything through pc…

I’m sending this through my phone. -__-;;

I think it’s Tumblr’s way of telling me I should rest? haha…

I’m really sorry, B2UTIES! I’d go on my other laptop but it’s a tablet laptop so I don’t have anything to make the submissions with :/

I’ll do better next week, okay? Until then, I’ll just leave the waiting question open for now and we can talk to each other until you guys get tired of me, haha

OKAY! I’m offcially here!

How are you guys? Sorry but there won’t be any segments today besides the waiting questions. I slept for only 4 hours and I’m soooo tired. T^T I need a nap…

So here are your waiting questions:

  • Did you see their promotions for the Japanese single Adrenaline? What did you think of it?
  • FMK, gimme three names. ;)
  • Triple A~!

Send in your WQ answers HERE or HERE!

Hi guys! Admin Donna here!

I’m getting lunch right now so I’ll officially sign on later! But for now… let’s talk? Send in submissions? :)