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Let’s Lyric Results

Let’s Lyric Results

1) ___ ___ Smile I can’t 2) ___ __ can’t stop 3) ________

Okay let’s see who got it right,

iwillgiveyouahappyending answered: 1) Ican’t 2) find i 3) lightless

Congradulations you got it correct! Here is the full sentence.

I can’t smile I can’t find I  can’t stop Lightless 

Was it really that hard! Okay I’ll give you guys an easier one next week.

  princesslov27 said:
I preordered it. I still had money from when my parents gave me it when my grandma died.

Oh, that’s sad, I’m happy you have the money but i’m sad it was for that reason. I almost preordered it. But then I kind of had a small financial emergence which is why I am hesitant right now to buy it. I have to go make diner now but I loved talking to you. bye.

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  • Doojoon </3
  • Hyunseung </3
  • Junhyung </3
  • Yoseob </3
  • Kikwang </3
  • Dongwoon </3

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  princesslov27 said:
Yes. I can't wait either. What will he do next?

I know!!! I hope it is something sweet. maybe a ballad. I kind of want a sad song but kind of not haha.  Did you buy the album? I still haven’t made my mind. I do want to get it but I have to think about college and stuff.

  princesslov27 said:
Haha. And as for my fav song, besides 12:30 it's So Hot... cuz the lyrics are literally half of a love song, half of a sex song. He couldn't decide and I love it and blush so much.

 haha oh that is a good song. It fits a little bit what he did with “History” I really liked it. Mature yet sweet. It’s his third song and he’s doing very well I can’t wait for more songs from Kikwang.

  hanim00 said:
Drive !!!! I think junhyung's rap at e car is really cool. In time, i like doojoon concept. He look matured but with dark hair color,he look young. Another title? I think of WE. means we as a couple in the story line and we beaity and beast...

Ya his rap was rather cool haha. Yes he did look very mature. all grown up haha. oh WE is a good one. That has a deep meaning when you think of BEAST and B2UTY.

  princesslov27 said:
Hyunseung definitely is second place for me. Looks great.

yes I think me too. although I loved Doojoon’s sweater haha. I love sweaters.

  princesslov27 said:
Gikwang oppa's. I love his blond hair. But Hyunseung looks great too!

haha I do too he looks so cool. Oh yeah Hyunseung looks really good with that hairstyle and outfit. I loved his red coat, probably because I love red haha.

Let’s Lyric

1) ___ ___ Smile I can’t 2) ___ __ can’t stop 3) ________

I know it is a short one today but lets see if you can get it right

So what are the missing lyrics?