Admin Donna here to bid thee farewell…

I can’t believe it’s been about a year since I’ve joined this blog! We’ve gained 2 thousand followers since then, and I want to personally thank you all for supporting this blog! I love this blog and I love the admins who became my friends. My dongsaengs.

Although I won’t be an official admin for this wonderful blog anymore, I will stop by and be a guest admin when I have breaks from school. :) So don’t miss me too much! I won’t disappear from you all completely!

If you wish to keep in touch with me, here is my kpop side blog: minswegga. My Kakaotalk ID is donnasaurr. :)

I love you all very much and please continue to support IHATFB! We’re so close to 4 thousand followers! :O!

Tomorrow is Sassy’s day, but she won’t be able to play with you because JUNHYUNG HAS NO SUBMISSIONS! :(


I know, Junhyung, I can’t believe it!

Send in some love for him HERE or HERE or otherwise… you will feel the wrath of Sassy Admin. And I don’t think you want that, do you? Keke.

Goodbye, farewell, until we see each other again… this has been Admin Donna. <3


You guys all voted and it was a unanimous win! White Version dominated Black Version!

(I also prefer white version also ;D)

Anonymous whispered: Doojoonah~ you're so dorky but i still love you~ hehe

- Doojoonie

*gasps*what’s this? o_O the guys are responding today? they took over the admins? *laughs*

FIFA king are you thinking of b2uties? ♡

Gikwang, you need to reject people in a less hurtful way and I’m jealous of Dujun for having you confess to him.

Yoseob can you do a hat trick with your abs? *does a cute and innocent face even when I just asked something kind of perverted*

Junhyung do more aegyo please

Dujun, please close your legs while giving b2uties love one friend of mine nosebleeded

dongie, I’m some months older then you. am I a noona or a chingu? *blinks eyes cutely*

*is bricked by the admins and other b2uties or talking to all the boys*

Hyunseung: I am always…

Gikwang: Sometimes honesty hurts, but I would rather be honest than beat around the bush.


Yoseob: With my abs?! Mwo-ya?! Hahahahaha


Junhyung: A-aegyo?




Doojoon: Close my legs? But I’m a man!




Dongwoon: Ani, I’m your oppa. I’m everyone’s oppa!


*seats in a corner while waiting for oppas and maknae to respond like a abandoned puppy*

more thirty minutes and I’ll be going to bed and we won’t talk *pouts*

[but seriously tho, did the message not reached there or are you busy b2utiful adminie? o3o ~ ♡]

Ani, I see them. I’m at work with the B2ST kids so we won’t play for another few hours. ^^; but your messages will be returned!

- Admin Donna

Gikwangie, when I go to a Beast fansign in the future, I want to be able to touch your lips or at least apply some lip product on them (I WANT TO FEEL THEM FEEL I TELL YOU!!!).

O-oh… really? Well, if you really want to… here are my lips.

- Gikwang

Anonymous whispered: Hyunseung Oppa. Do you ever think back of the time when you were in bigbang? Do you miss them? Do you miss Jiyong Oppa?

Why should I miss him when I talk with him often?

- Hyunseung

Kikwang! I hope your injury is better and that you don’t strain it during the concert be careful and please don’t get hurt again.  I loved your solo performance, so beautiful I wish you could show off your voice more. Oh and your opening video, man you look like a BEAST!

- Gikwang

junseung4life whispered: Yah don't get angry at me! I love you

- Junhyung

Anonymous whispered: Junhyung you sometimes look like a cute little monkey. So cute ^^

A m-monkey?!

- Junhyung