Okay, it’s already time!

I have to sign off ;_;

I wanted to thank you for those who talked to me tonight! But I hope all of my precious B2uties liked tonight’s session ^^

So, the result of Fact or Fiction: It’s Fiction! Doojoon is right handed! But none of you got it right…. =(

And now, let’s take a look on the submission status:

Doojoon <3
Hyunseung <3
Junhyung <3
Yoseob <3
Gikwang <3
Dongwoon <3

All the members have submissions! Yay! But feel free to send in more HERE or HERE ^^

I wish you all a good night and sleep well!

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neddwithouthim whispered: I love your session of I have a thing. A few days a few days ago you put I have a thing for kikwang abs.... I break my brain to find the video of the last gifs of him. I recently discover that is from the show of busan in 28/09/2013 but i can't find that video. Please help!!

Omo, do you talk about this gif?

I’m really sorry… I can’t find the video… but maybe one of our B2uties has it as favo on their youtube- list and can help us? Just write us and we post the video ^^

But I’m really sorry I can’t help you =(

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Additional note by submitter: especially when Gikwang said Seung has a nice butt and during they were playing the game in the radio show

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thisisjustellie whispered: Hi admin!!! How are you? I really liked your waiting question for today! I definitely would go to vacation with Junhyung and DooJoon! junhyung is my bias and my love for him is stronger than my love for the others :3 haksjakajaka and DooJoon because i really love DooJoon i love hiiim so much buuuut! I see him like an old brother so :) it's perfect! I can go in a trip to the beach with both of them and have a love of fun at the beach, at the pool taking sun and playing :3

Heeey sweety! *bearhug*

I’m fine, and you? ^^

Hahahahaha, another Junhyung biased here xD (I only say this because Junhyung is also my bias ^.~)

Kekekekeke, I think it would be really fun with them xD Doojoon would be surely the one who would alwas say “Come, let’s do this and let’s do that” and Junhyung would be like “Coke~” Hahahahah, just joking. I think he would also play around ^^

kpop-redrose whispered: yeah! I love your question *wink* lets see I would do Junhyung and Doojoon because I think putting 2joon together would be great. I think I would love to go to the beach with them or a water park. I've never really gone to a water park and I think going with those two would be a lot of fun.

Hahahahaha, I’m sorry that I used it without asking you before ^^” But I’m glad you are enjoying it =D

Omo, I thought you would choose Kikwang again!But yes it would be fun for sure AND you are going to see Junhyung’s abs for the first time ^.~

Survey- Winner of “Who do you think is the scariest among the members?”: Yong Junhyung