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[REBLOG] Hyunseung B-Day Event:

Hi b2utiful people~! Today, in a few hours, It’ll be uri Jang Princes B-Day and IHATFB wants to celebrate it with you all. BUT! To do so, we need you to send a lot of ♥ (submissions) for him.

So, what are you waiting for~? Send in more ♥ for him HERE or HERE.

Also, today is another new admin’s debut so I ask you for support and a lot of love for her, arasso? 

See U later~! CHU~!

- Sassy Admin.

Signing Off

Okay ACE Admin signing off. I had fun playing with you all today and I will be back Thursday to play with you all around the same time that I signed on today. Have a good week everyone. Here are the submissions for everyone

  • Doojoon :’(
  • Hyunseung :’(
  • Junhyung ♥
  • Yoseob ♥
  • Gikwang ♥ 
  • Dongwoon :’(

Send in more ♥ for these three HERE or HERE.

  princesslov27 said:
Well you had to kick off the whole reboot. That's stressful in it's own way.

haha yes, thankfully one of the other admin’s introduced the reboot and me! I hope I did a good job for you all. I know how much this blog has meant to me over the past year so I want to do a good job.

  princesslov27 said:
Thank you. I hope your first time was fun.

It has been fun. slightly stress full as I wan’t fully prepared haha. next time will be better. haha

  kodawrites said:
Hello Admin Becky! Welcome! Idk about the waiting questions haha. but I just wanted to say hello!

Well thank you for saying Hi. Even though I am a new admin I am glad people are talking to me haha. I hope we get to know each other.

  princesslov27 said:
I thought about it hard. I wanted to make it good.

You did very well it was good. haha.

Let’s Lyric results

Okay here are today’s lyrics.

Areumdaun ne 1_______ nal 2______

chillyong 1. misoga 2. bichudeon

oppa-needs-yaoi 1. misoga 2. bichudeon

You both got it right! “Areumdaun ne misoga nal bichudeon”