Signing OFF~!

I hope you guys play with me more tomorrow :’(

Here’s the submission status:

  • Doojoonie <3
  • Hyunseungie <3
  • Junhyungie :(
  • Yoseobie <3
  • Gikwangie <3<3<3
  • Dongwoonie :(

Oh no! Our JunWoonie couple have no love!

It’s OK, you two. I’ll keep you both hostage until they send some in. ;)

You all know I won’t release them back to you until you do, so go HERE or HERE and SUBMIT SUBMIT SUBMIT! You hear me?! *holds onto Junhyungie and Dongwoonie for dear life* They’re mine until then! ;)

Which Song Is It is now CLOSED~!

Here’s the winner and correct song:

ahleeseeya answered: Fiction~

Good job! I’ve already sent you a message. Please reply to me soon! :)

Today’s This or That results are… JUNKWANG!

Aren’t they precious? *u*

You guys don’t want to talk to me…

Arasso… I’ll probably sign off soon, then…

Submission by anonymous.

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Submission by iloveloveyu.

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jamielynn7794 whispered: IM IN! Lets road trip it! I am so pumped. Can we buy tickets yet or no? :)

I don’t think they’re on sale yet but this is the link:


Submission by lisaathje.

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Submission by anonymous.
(S/N: So sweet)

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jamielynn7794 whispered: I KNOW! I like never get to talk anymore and it make me really sad. There is like nobody here that understands my now deep rooted love for koreans. haha Wait what festival happened? WE SHOULD HAVE GONE! We could have driven together if it was just in LA :(

I know!!!! T^T My sister had work so I couldn’t abandon her (my dad went out of town so she wouldn’t have a ride).

I was so mad. BUT there’s KCON in August! LET’S GO, IT’S IN LA! :D