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That’s it for me today, my B2uties ^^

It’s late here and I have to go sleep now :)

Before I go, let’s see the submission status : 

  • Doojoon : <3
  • Hyunseung : <3 
  • Junhyung : <3
  • Yoseob : <3
  • Gikwang : <3
  • Dongwoon : </3

Oh ! Our cutie maknae don’t have enough love for tomorrow ! :O Please send more HERE or HERE, so ACE Admin can play with you ^^

Thank you for today my B2uties, see you all next wednesday :D <3

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Segment results

A lot of you guys have answered my segment today, thank you ! ^^

Let see how you did :) 

The MV was :

Beautiful Night :D

Wow ! Everyone got it right ^^ Was it too easy today ? I hope not, but I will come back next week with a tougher one ^^ 

Thank you so much for playing ! I’m still here if you want to talk to me :D

  kpop-redrose said:
haha I see. For me I thought Kikwang was cute, that was the first thing that caught my eye. even though there is cute Yoseob. After cuteness came Kikwang's voice and personality. He's not like me but I think he has the personality of the the type of guy i'd want to date haha. I actually watched one of his dramas without knowing anything about beast. haha.

Awesome ^^ I thought the same about him, he’s such a cutie-cutie-cutie :) You can have him all you want, I give him to you ;) Have fun, but not too much okay ? :P I want him in one piece next week XD

Closing segment

Okay ! 

Give me 5 minutes and I’ll tell you the results ^^

  kpop-redrose said:
haha yes they are. We get to see their true personalities come out. They're just to cute. Oh what made you a Dongwoon fan? Looks? Voice? personality?

okay I’ll answer that, but you have to tell me why Kikwang after oki ? ^^ Boy, I have to say I have a thing for the maknaes and/or rappers and/or dancers in kpop groups. At first, I thought he was cute and that he have a great voice but after I saw that :


DAMNNNNNNNN I said to myself : I knew he had something special ;) For real, I saw some tv shows with Beast and I saw his personality, I think I saw myself a bit in him, but he’s so much hotter than me :P Since then he’s my bias because of all you said : Looks, Voice and Personality ^^ Sometimes he act a bit like me too :P 

like those two gifs XD

  kpop-redrose said:
haha happy. that can be fun. Those two songs are so fun to watch them perform. I like you the Best is also a good one. I hope they do another fun one again. not that I didn't like Good Luck or Shadow it is just nice to see them playing around

I totally agree with you, my favorite songs are always the one full of energy, so I can dance (even if it’s in the car, oups :P) They are so cute in those performances ^^ 

  kpop-redrose said:
Aw good choices, Wait you don't know Ilhoon BTOB's rapper that looks like Junhyung!!!! you should check them out. What song would you sing with Dongwoon. I know he's your bias?

I just check his picture and I agree with you, he really look like Junhyung ! :O Man, I didn’t thought about a song to sing XD hum let me think about it … I would sing maybe Beautiful or Beautiful Night with him, a happy song at least so we can have fun together ^^ Thank you for asking :D

  kpop-redrose said:
Lets see I would sing Clenching my fist tight with Kikwang. I really like that song. But if I were to go for a more fun song it would be Shadow haah. what about you? Lets see I'd Marry N, he's a lot like me, Date Suho, and dump Leetuek. I love him as a leader but he's to old for me hahah. Your three are BTOB Ilhoon, Vixx Leo, and Big Bang TOP

That would be so awesome ! ^^ And with Kikwang ! <3 :) I didn’t know about Clenching my fist tight, I had to check :P It’s such a beautiful song ^^ Oh N is my bias in VIXX so I totally agree with you ;) Hum I will Dump Ilhoon, because I don’t know him, Kiss TOP, cause it’s TOP :P and marry Leo, he’s so handsome and mysterious ;) 

Guess the MV ?

I hope you are ready to play ! ^^ Because I am :)

I got this picture for you today :

Easy or hard ? You have to tell me :P 

Good luck :D